An agile and collaborative incubator program designed to nurture new business start-ups. Our industry leaders will help you survive and grow through the difficult and early stages of development.

Supporting dynamic talent and the best ideas

Definition: “urban cleric”

An entrepreneurial visionary shaped from an embryonic commercial landscape who nurtures idea validation through to incubation, building valuable enterprises that change the world, improve people's lives, turning dreams into reality.

It’s why we exist

We're passionate about empowering people to follow their dreams and have a positive impact on their community and the world stage. Humbly, we’re here to make the whole crazy process simple, fun and rewarding, for everyone, everywhere.

Our success

Clever, nice and unrelenting, our résumé depicts a rich history of collaboration, practical solutions and tangible results that speak for themselves, achieving massive results of between 400% to 1200% real growth. It is this level of expertise that we will bring to your startup or next big idea.

How we do it

Starting a business is challenging at the best of times, we’re here to make the process easy with a clear path to set you up for success by providing mentors, strategic business support, critical resources, accelerator initiatives, working space and the required seed capital.

What we do

We identify great ideas and collaborate with dynamic talent and futurists to launch high-potential businesses that leverage their expertise. Supported by a network of entrepreneurs, investors and industry leaders, we syndicate lean startup discipline and a culture for entrepreneurship.

What we’re looking for

Have you developed the next big idea. Do you have the drive and a big fire in the belly, the gumption and desire to succeed. Do you have the heart and soul to make it work, are you committed to making it work? If you answered yes and can demonstrate the desired commitment, drop us a note, we'd love to hear from you!

Lets start something special together

6 new startup programs are launched each year and applications are now open for 2018

Together, we’ll get down in the trenches, roll up our sleeves and get to the heart of your idea. Then through inspiration and imagination, turn your idea into a viable business model by allocating the tools and resources it needs to break down barriers, find customers and generate skyrocketing revenues.

Building a successful partnership is not an event, it is a daily process. Our attitude and actions are the cornerstones of lasting relationships. We make it our business to understand and protect your interests in order to cultivate loyalty and exponential growth. You have our commitment to this process and to you.

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