Investment Options

We initiate and develop new start-ups using a proven proprietary system, one that focuses on reduced investment risk whilst improving the success rate of each project within our portfolio.
We offer savvy investors with either a Pre-Seed or Seed investment platform, providing an ideal opportunity for the best early-stage business ideas backed by the greatest talent.

Pre-Seed (Early Stage) Investment

Pre-Seed rounds typically attract between $50-250k investment for early stage development of a business idea that has already passed our strict validation process. Driven by a team of dynamic startup advisors, our program is designed to reduce and mitigate risk in early stage projects by implementing a program that focuses on lean startup discipline and a culture for entrepreneurship. Through our Accelerator program, Urban Cleric funds the early stages of each startup to validate the idea/concept and business model, then if need be, raise external capital as it grows.

Seed (Accelerator) Investment

Depending on the requirements of each startup project, Seed rounds typically attract between $150K-2M investment. Startups in this stage have already launched and validated their value proposition, generating monthly revenue which is consistent, achieving stable month to month business growth. They are now in a position to acquire next level funding in order build on their successes to date and scale future business growth in order to become a true competitor in its market segment. Want to know more, reach out to our investment team for more information.

If you would like to find out more and get introduced to companies seeking capital, please contact our investment team.

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