Startup Accelerator Program

Developing that next big idea or starting a business is challenging at the best of times, our Startup Accelerator program is here to make the process easy with a clear path that sets you up for success

Here’s what you get

Personal startup mentor

We’ll team you up with an entrepreneurial visionary shaped from an embryonic landscape who will nurture your idea from validation through to incubation. We will select the best mentors matched to you and your startup.

Strategic business support

Immediately gain access to our infrastructure as early as possible including designers, developers, legal, strategists, communication, PR, IT, sales, marketing, financial, social, SEO and other resources to help you build and develop your idea into something very special.

Three month accelerator program

By utilising our proprietary system and in-depth support structure, our program will harness the best of entrepreneurship and idea development to best prepare you and your idea for its startup journey.

Three month incubator program

We will help you break down barriers and launch to market to secure your first customer. You’ll have access to our extensive network of mentors, investors, media friends, funding, potential customers and many more to help grow your startup.

Access to investment

Backed by high-ranking sponsors and partners, we don’t charge fees for our resources, so the only way we get a return is by joining forces to create the business together. We fund the first stage of each project internally then if need be, raise external capital as it grows.

Aligned corporate partner

We align you with corporate partners who understand your business to provide multiple opportunities to gain a better understanding of your market space, your prospective customers and exactly what’s required to take your startup to the next level.

Co-working space

We’ll provide you with fully serviced work space with everything included –high-speed internet, stationary, printers, office furniture and utilities -just show up and get to work. Spaces also include collaboration areas, hi-tech boardrooms and event space.

Educational workshops

To better prepare you for what’s about to evolve, we ‘ll sponsor your educational journey to help accelerate your startup including weekly workshops, industry and market events, monthly crash courses, daily meetups and much more.

Lets start something special together

6 new startup programs are launched each year and applications are now open for 2018

Together, we’ll get down in the trenches, roll up our sleeves and get to the heart of your idea. Then through inspiration and imagination, turn your idea into a viable business model by allocating the tools and resources it needs to break down barriers, find customers and generate skyrocketing revenues.

Building a successful partnership is not an event, it is a daily process. Our attitude and actions are the cornerstones of lasting relationships. We make it our business to understand and protect your interests in order to cultivate loyalty and exponential growth. You have our commitment to this process and to you.

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